GOTMAB072: Game of Thrones S8E05 “The Bells” 2nd Look

Sorry for the delay – Matt had to do some serious school stuff this week (Finals). Now, however, Matt is joined by Siren of ASOIAF from the North Stephanie (@SMPersephone on twitter) and Siren of ASOIAF from the South Holly (@HuntPants on twitter) for a 2nd Look Thursday (actually a 2nd Look Friday) regarding S8E05 “The Bells”!

If you are looking for the music analysis go to GOTMAB072A (already released).

If you have feedback, a three word description, a best coupling (Brothelmates) or an explanation of the title (Titles of Notability) on next week’s FINAL episode, get them to us by 7am your time Wednesday and we will include them in the Thursday episode. Send e-mails to, tweet to @MattsGoTBlog on twitter, or hit us up on our new Facebook page! Find links for everything, as well as back episodes, and podcast app links (please leave a written review on any app you use to listen that allows) at

Music on this podcast includes a theme for the podcast created by Matt, Dawn Weber, and Christian Oncken (, as well as “Three Little Words” and “L.O.V.E” by John Pizzarelli (


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