GOTMAB067: Game of Thrones S8E03 “The Long Night” IR

It’s Monday and you just watched S8E03 “The Long Night” last night. Matt pretty much just says wow a lot but Sirens of ASOIAF Kelly (@kellyunderfoot on twitter) and Stephanie (@SMPersephone on twitter) have good points to keep you interested.

We’re sure you have thoughts as well so submit them to us by 7am on Wednesday your time to have them included in the 2nd look podcast! Submit feedback by tweeting @MattsGoTBlog, by sending an e-mail to, or by leaving a comment at this post on our facebook page or on this entry at – That’s where you can find all back episodes and all the contact and back episodes podcast links.

Music on this podcast includes a theme for the podcast created by Matt, Dawn Weber, and Christian Oncken (


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