GOTMAB055: Game of Thrones S5 Feedback

Welcome back to Game of Thrones, Matt’s Audio Blog Monday cast! In this episode Matt gives his thoughts on the latest Game of Thrones Season 8 teaser trailer, and goes through your season 5 feedback!

Also there will be a slight delay in the podcast resuming. We come back with Season 6 episodes beginning Thursday January 31st!

If you have any feedback for the podcast email or tweet to @MattsGoTBlog on twitter. Find all back episodes, contact information, and podcast app links (please leave a written review on whatever app you are using to listen!) at

Music on this podcast includes podcast theme by Matt and Looperman users GuitarLover ( Psid ( , and FlaskTheProducer (

Thanks to @FittenTrim from @DoublePHQ for the new voice overs and to @WAxelFoley from @DVRPodcast for the voice overs in the past.


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